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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance


Transforming a historical global leading US banking company

A longstanding client of IBM FileNet and Documentum, faced significant challenges with its existing document viewing solutions provided by Brava and Deaja from IGC. With over 200,000 clients relying on their services, the bank recognized the need for a more effective system to handle their extensive document management needs.

Modernizing a leading insurance provider


The company embarked on a significant digital transformation to optimize content organization and enhance data retention across its interorganizational network. This initiative aimed to improve customer relationships through its insurance agents and streamline internal communications.


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AXA Group Operations has developed its proprietary document management system (DMS) based on MarkLogic, known as CMX. As part of its strategic vision, AXA aimed to extend this solution across all its entities, including Banking, Insurance, Assistance, and Finance sectors, while meeting the organization's high compliance standards. Backgrounds (8)

Les Caisses Régionales du Crédit Agricole (CRCA) serves over 20 million clients through its extensive network of nearly 7,200 branches and 12,000 ATM machines. As part of their ongoing digital transformation, five regional banks within the group—CAPCA, CADIF, CASRA, CACE, CADS—embarked on a comprehensive project to manage their entire mail handling process, involving more than 6,500 users across 1,000 branches.


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AXA aimed to migrate its ECM platform to FileNet 5.1. This transition was part of a broader initiative to centralize ECM information into a unified solution, reduce overall bandwidth consumption across the network, and ensure a more intuitive and ergonomic experience for users. Backgrounds (6)-min

Banque de France, an independent institution governed by French and European public law and a member of the Eurosystem, embarked on its FIBRE project aimed at thoroughly revising its organization and modernizing its information system. This initiative was part of a broader goal to enhance the management and utilization of its extensive document archives.


To enhance the services it offers, Generali must maintain high standards in its internal operations. Streamlining processes that employees engage with not only boosts the profitability of the business sector but also leads to greater responsiveness in the services provided to Generali's clients. Backgrounds (13)

In 2019, BPCE ventured into IT services, enhancing its technological capabilities to offer advanced digital services to its clients. This transition underscores BPCE's commitment to leveraging technology for improved service delivery.


Life Sciences



Merck is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, operating in over 100 countries. With a strong focus on research and development, Merck is committed to innovation and the discovery of new medications, providing cutting-edge health solutions to meet growing global needs.


Cognizant, a global powerhouse in IT services and consulting, leverages cutting-edge technology solutions to aid businesses in their digital transformation journeys. Specializing in areas like cloud computing and consultancy, Cognizant empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital economy efficiently.


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DXC faced the challenge of efficiently managing and viewing documents across its pharmaceutical clients, necessitating a reliable and quick document consultation solution that could handle the extensive documentation inherent in the pharmaceutical industry.


Energy/Utilities Backgrounds (5)

Ørsted, a leading Danish power company with 6,500 employees across 27 countries, partnered with TietoEVRY to enhance their use of Alfresco in conjunction with Formtek. This collaboration aimed to efficiently manage complex technical documents, including CAD file formats, ensuring effective technical document management within the company.


Governments Backgrounds (10)-min

Le Conseil Départemental des Hauts-de-Seine (CD92), the second-largest departmental council in France, has been a pioneer in adopting electronic invoicing since 2017. As a local government institution, CD92 promotes the use of digital solutions to streamline administrative processes and enhance efficient invoice management. Backgrounds (11)-min

Okantis is dedicated to supporting healthcare organizations in the development of their information systems, promoting resource sharing, skills integration, and connecting with software publishers. Backgrounds (15)-min

FAF.TT’s adoption of ARender transformed its approach to document management and user collaboration. By integrating ARender with Alfresco Share, FAF.TT now enjoys a streamlined, secure, and efficient digital environment that not only meets the demands of managing sensitive information but also enhances accessibility and user satisfaction.

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