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Customer Story

Ørsted, a leading Danish power company with 6,500 employees across 27 countries, partnered with TietoEVRY to enhance their use of Alfresco in conjunction with Formtek. This collaboration aimed to efficiently manage complex technical documents, including CAD file formats, ensuring effective technical document management within the company.


Ørsted faced several challenges that required innovative solutions to enhance their technical document management capabilities:

Handling Complex Industrial File Formats
Supporting 2D CAD/CAM file formats, which are typically large and complex, was essential for Ørsted's operations.
Technical Document Watermarking
There was a need to annotate technical documents with watermarks to protect sensitive information and assert copyright.

Printing Files Without Downloading
Ørsted required a solution that allowed for printing documents directly, without the need to first download them, streamlining the process and enhancing security.

Inter-Agency Collaboration
Effective collaboration on key documents across global teams was crucial to ensure project success.


Ørsted implemented ARender to address these challenges, integrating it closely with Alfresco to create a robust content viewing experience.

Advanced Viewing Capabilities
ARender integrates tightly with Alfresco as a content viewer, providing an advanced viewing experience for various types of files, including documents, images, and CAD files.

High-Resolution Image Viewing
ARender enables users to view images in various formats within Alfresco. Features like zooming, rotating, and browsing through images with ease are supported, ensuring optimal display quality for high-resolution images.

CAD File Visualization
ARender's integration with Alfresco allows for advanced visualization of CAD files, including AutoCAD formats like DWG, DXF, and DWF. Users can view, zoom, rotate, and measure CAD drawings and models directly within the Alfresco interface, enhancing usability and interaction.

Seamless Integration
The integration of ARender with Alfresco is seamless, offering users a consistent experience within Alfresco’s ECM environment. Files can be viewed directly in Alfresco’s familiar interface, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.


The deployment of ARender brought significant improvements to Ørsted’s technical document management:

Enhanced Document Access and Collaboration: Approximately 4,200 global users now have easy access to annotation tools and collaboration features, improving team productivity and project timelines.

Efficient Technical Document Management: ARender provided a unified solution for accessing and working on technical documents, streamlining processes across Ørsted’s global operations.

Time Savings on Technical Projects: The visualization and manipulation capabilities offered by ARender allowed Ørsted’s teams to save valuable time on technical projects, facilitating quicker project completions.


ARender’s integration with Alfresco transformed Ørsted’s approach to managing complex technical documents. By providing powerful tools for viewing, annotating, and collaborating within a unified system, ARender helped Ørsted enhance its document workflows, secure its intellectual property, and improve productivity across multiple departments and geographies. This customer story exemplifies how ARender can be instrumental in advancing technical document management in energy and industrial sectors.


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