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Customer Story

AXA, a global leader in insurance and risk management, operates over 4000 branches worldwide. In a strategic move to enhance data management and access capabilities, AXA aimed to migrate its ECM platform to FileNet 5.1. This transition was part of a broader initiative to centralize ECM information into a unified solution, reduce overall bandwidth consumption across the network, and ensure a more intuitive and ergonomic experience for users.



AXA faced several critical challenges in its digital transformation journey:

ECM Platform Migration
Migrating to FileNet 5.1 to leverage improved management and data access features.

Network Efficiency
Reducing bandwidth consumption across its extensive global network.

User-Friendly Solutions
Implementing an intuitive solution that could be easily deployed and quickly adopted by users.


ARender Installation and Deployment
Enabling quick and easy viewing of various document types, which allowed users to access files and collaborate efficiently.
Annotation Migration
Using Fast2 from View One Pro to ARender, ensuring continuity of annotated data, which facilitated document use and team collaboration.
ECM Application Rollout
Deploying the ECM application across all AXA agencies to ensure effective document management.
Digital Transformation
Emphasizing dematerialization, which led to performance improvements and cost reductions.

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The project yielded significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved business processes by up to 40% through intuitive features that facilitated better collaboration across teams.

  • Increased Productivity: The quick and easy document and content consultation improved overall company productivity.

  • National Deployment: Successfully deployed the ECM solution across the national network of AXA agencies, enhancing document management efficiency.

  • Technical Expertise and Execution: Expert management and rollout of IBM IS and FileNet P8 across AXA’s national agency network.


AXA’s integration of ARender has transformed its approach to document management, from enhancing data accessibility to streamlining collaboration processes. The deployment across its global network marks a significant step in AXA’s commitment to digital excellence and operational efficiency. This customer story is a testament to how ARender can facilitate complex digital transformations in large, multinational corporations, driving improvements in productivity and efficiency in highly regulated industries.


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