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Customer Story

Banque de France, an independent institution governed by French and European public law and a member of the Eurosystem, embarked on its FIBRE project aimed at thoroughly revising its organization and modernizing its information system. This initiative was part of a broader goal to enhance the management and utilization of its extensive document archives.



The challenges faced by Banque de France were multifaceted, primarily revolving around enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of their existing IBM FileNet-based document management system (GED):

Improving IBM FileNet performances
Optimizing the use of the existing GED solution to better exploit the documentary base.
Enhancing OCR Process
Achieving the best possible rendering post-OCR processing to ensure high-quality digital document conversions.
Facilitating Document Manipulation and Collaboration
Providing tools that would allow users to manipulate documents easily and collaborate more effectively, thereby accelerating business processes.


To address these challenges, Banque de France integrated ARender's document viewing solutions, focusing on tools like DocBuilder and DocCompare, within their existing IBM FileNet setup enhanced by FlowerDocs GUI.

DocBuilder: This tool allows users to create new documents from one or more original PDFs by adding or removing pages. This capability was crucial for customizing documents based on specific needs without starting from scratch.

DocCompare: With DocCompare, ARender offers a clear side-by-side view of two document versions, enabling efficient comparison and highlighting differences without manual effort.
FlowerDocs GUI Integration: The user interface of FlowerDocs was implemented "on top of" IBM FileNet 5.1, providing users with a simple and ergonomic UI while continuing to use FileNet to manage their documentary base.

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