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Customer Story

Generali, a global leader in insurance and financial services, serves over 55 million clients across 50 countries and employs 71,000 staff worldwide. To enhance the services it offers, Generali must maintain high standards in its internal operations. Streamlining processes that employees engage with not only boosts the profitability of the business sector but also leads to greater responsiveness in the services provided to Generali's clients.



Generali faced several significant challenges in its document management processes:

Handling a Vast Number of Documents: The need to review, validate, and index a large volume of documents into the appropriate repositories was both time-consuming and critical.

Ease of Document Access and Manipulation: Employees required a solution that allowed them to easily view and manipulate various types of documents to enhance efficiency.

Cost and Maintenance: The existing systems were costly and difficult to maintain, especially given the scale of Generali’s user base.


Advanced Document Management Capabilities
ARender provided Generali with advanced tools for managing, viewing, and collaborating on documents, significantly enhancing productivity and user experience.

ARender Cloud and Reporting Features
With ARender Cloud, Generali gained access to powerful reporting tools that tracked all user activities on documents, including document viewing times and the duration spent by users on specific documents.

Custom Indexing Tool
ARender’s integration included a custom indexing tool developed by Generali’s Web Services team, allowing seamless communication with their document repository.



Professional Services Support
ARender’s Professional Services team supported Generali for six months, ensuring a smooth implementation and adaptation to ARender’s features.

Training and Proof of Concept
Generali’s teams underwent intensive training, and a five-day proof of concept phase allowed the organization to practically evaluate the functionalities and benefits of ARender.



The implementation of ARender, along with Alfresco and Ephesoft for document dematerialization, has significantly transformed document management and collaboration for Okantis' healthcare clients:

  • Enhanced Document Management: Healthcare facilities experienced a more efficient management of documents, with the ability to quickly access and process patient records and other critical information.

  • Improved Collaboration: The solutions facilitated better collaboration around content, enabling healthcare professionals to work together more effectively, which is especially important in multidisciplinary healthcare settings.

  • Scalable and Flexible Solution: The platform offers scalable document management and visualization capabilities that can grow and adapt with the needs of healthcare institutions.



Okantis' successful deployment of ARender as part of their comprehensive healthcare information system solution exemplifies the transformative potential of integrating advanced document viewing and management technologies in the healthcare sector. This initiative not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the collaboration capabilities of healthcare providers, leading to better patient care outcomes and operational efficiencies. This customer story is a testament to how digital transformation, powered by ARender, can revolutionize industry-specific information systems.

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