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Customer Story

FAF.TT, a funding organization for temporary employment training, navigates the complexities of managing sensitive personal information for over 250 internal users and 100 external users. The organization sought to enhance its operational efficiencies through digital transformation.



FAF.TT faced several challenges that required a sophisticated solution to streamline their document management and access:

Security: The need to securely manage and provide extranet access to sensitive personal information.

Usability and Deployment: Solutions had to be easy to deploy and user-friendly to ensure broad adoption and minimize disruption.

Enhancing User Feedback: Significant user feedback emphasized the need for a more efficient system that could also deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI).


Centralized ECM Platform
An optimized and centralized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform was installed to facilitate effective collaboration.

Seamless and Continuous Access
ARender was integrated to ensure smooth and continuous access to all types of documents on any device, enhancing security and control over document content.

Plug-and-Play Integration
ARender's ready-to-use integration with Alfresco Share was leveraged to enhance the ECM capabilities.

User-Focused Interface
A responsive user interface centered on client needs was developed to improve the overall user experience and accessibility.


The project led to transformative outcomes for FAF.TT:

  • Enhanced Performance and Easy Deployment: The ECM platform’s performance was optimized, and its deployment simplified, leading to immediate operational improvements.

  • Successful Change Management: The change was successfully implemented with high user acceptance, thanks to the user-friendly design and effective training programs.

  • Effective ROI: The project achieved a positive return on investment within 9 months due to significant productivity gains among users, driven by the performance and ease of use of the new system.


FAF.TT’s adoption of ARender transformed its approach to document management and user collaboration. By integrating ARender with Alfresco Share, FAF.TT now enjoys a streamlined, secure, and efficient digital environment that not only meets the demands of managing sensitive information but also enhances accessibility and user satisfaction. This customer story is a testament to how ARender can empower organizations in the temporary employment sector to achieve significant digital advancements and operational efficiencies.


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