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Customer Story

Les Caisses Régionales du Crédit Agricole (CRCA) serves over 20 million clients through its extensive network of nearly 7,200 branches and 12,000 ATM machines. As part of their ongoing digital transformation, five regional banks within the group—CAPCA, CADIF, CASRA, CACE, CADS—embarked on a comprehensive project to manage their entire mail handling process, involving more than 6,500 users across 1,000 branches.



The CRCA faced several challenges in streamlining their document and mail management systems:

Automation of Mail Distribution and Processing
The banks needed to automate the distribution and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail to enhance efficiency.
Custom ECM Solution Integration
Integrating a custom ECM solution, FlowerDocs + IBM FileNet, to decommission several older systems and migrate to a single, unified platform.

Optimization of Collaboration and Information Sharing
There was a critical need to improve collaboration and ease information sharing across the extensive network of branches.

Specific Activity Sector Mail Handling
Facilitating mail distribution to specific activity sectors and managing internal redistribution was essential for operational efficiency.



To tackle these challenges, CRCA implemented the following strategies and tools:


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Fast2 for ECM Standardization: Fast2 was deployed to standardize the ECM environment across the network, integrating FlowerDocs and IBM FileNet. This tool facilitated the decommissioning of multiple sources and enabled injection into a single target system.

FlowerDocs as the Primary Interface: FlowerDocs was implemented as the user interface "on top of" IBM FileNet across the entire network. This setup provided a friendly and ergonomic interface layered on top of an existing ECM solution, making it easier for users to access and manage documents.


The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements in the CRCA's operations:

Enhanced Mail Handling: Over 6 million pieces of incoming mail are processed annually, with optimized workflows and better tracking through indicators and dashboards.

Improved Collaboration and Communication: The unified interface centralizes mails and tasks, strengthening team collaboration and communication across different branches.

Secure and Traceable Access: The new system provides secure, traceable access across multiple sites and users, supporting multi-channel interactions.
Increased Productivity: The integration of advanced workflows and the use of comprehensive dashboards have significantly increased productivity within the branches.

The implementation of ARender alongside FlowerDocs and IBM FileNet revolutionized document management and mail handling at Les Caisses Régionales du Crédit Agricole. This strategic update streamlined their operations and greatly improved collaboration and efficiency across branches, establishing a new benchmark in banking document management. This success story exemplifies ARender's ability to support complex digital transformations in expansive, multi-branch banking settings.

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