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Customer Story

Cognizant, a global powerhouse in IT services and consulting, leverages cutting-edge technology solutions to aid businesses in their digital transformation journeys. Specializing in areas like cloud computing and consultancy, Cognizant empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital economy efficiently.



Cognizant's mission to enhance global health outcomes involves fostering efficient, high-quality new drug developments. The company faced several challenges:

Enhancing Efficiency: Streamlining processes to improve operational efficiencies across its biopharmaceutical research and development teams.

Implementing Solutions: Identifying, prioritizing, designing, and implementing solutions to improve health outcomes worldwide.

Secure Medical Release Processes: Ensuring the security and enhancement of medical release processes, crucial for patient safety and compliance.


To address these multifaceted challenges, Cognizant chose ARender due to its robust document management capabilities, which are essential for sensitive environments like clinical trials:

Advanced Document Management
ARender offers extensive features that support document management, collaboration, workflow optimization, search functionality, and compliance. These capabilities are vital for managing the vast amounts of data generated in clinical trials and pharmaceutical research.

Enhanced Security for Patient Data
ARender's customized security enhancements are specifically designed to manage sensitive annotations during clinical trials, ensuring that patient information is protected and that document handling meets stringent regulatory standards.

Integration with Alfresco
Strengthening its partnership with Alfresco, Cognizant utilized ARender to enhance this ECM platform, facilitating better user adoption and streamlining the change management process within the company.




The integration of ARender provided transformative outcomes for Cognizant:

User Acceptance: The intuitive features and robust capabilities of ARender facilitated positive user acceptance across Cognizant’s teams.

Collaboration Across Teams: By leveraging ARender, Cognizant enhanced collaboration among its biopharmaceutical research and development teams, leading to more efficient processes and innovation in drug development.

Secured Medical Documentation: The enhanced security features ensured that all medical documentation processes were not only compliant with necessary regulations but also more secure and efficient.


Cognizant’s adoption of ARender revolutionized how the company manages and interacts with crucial documents in highly regulated environments. This partnership has not only streamlined Cognizant’s operational processes but also significantly contributed to its goal of improving global health outcomes. The ARender customer story at Cognizant is a prime example of how advanced document management solutions can facilitate complex digital transformations and enhance global collaborative efforts in the pharmaceutical industry.

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