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Customer Story

AXA Group Operations has developed its proprietary document management system (DMS) based on MarkLogic, known as CMX. As part of its strategic vision, AXA aimed to extend this solution across all its entities, including Banking, Insurance, Assistance, and Finance sectors, while meeting the organization's high compliance standards.



Complex Information System
Integrating a complex system with several in-house developed solutions without disrupting existing operations.
Content Federation
The need to federate content from various business solutions into the CMX system.
Control and Cloud Accessibility
Enhancing document control and enabling content access from the cloud.
Progressive International Deployment
Gradually deploying the solution across international subsidiaries, including regions like Japan, USA, and EMEA, required meticulous planning and execution.
Optimized Collaborative Work
Improving collaborative work processes such as distribution, recording, copying, and tracking of documents.


To address these challenges, AXA Group Operations leveraged a combination of their in-house CMX system and external solutions like FlowerDocs, along with the integration of ARender for document viewing and annotations.

    • CMX and FlowerDocs: These systems were successfully installed and deployed across 11 subsidiaries worldwide in just two years. FlowerDocs interface allowed for intuitive and efficient workflow management, while CMX handled secure and compliant document management.
    • ARender: For document consultation and annotations, ARender was utilized, hosted on their own AWS private cloud to ensure data security. This setup provided a seamless and responsive user experience when accessing documents and their annotations.


Digitalization and Cost Reduction: The solution helped digitalize processing lines and reduce maintenance costs.

High Volume Document Integration: AXA managed a large volume of recurring document injections from multiple sources like FileSytem and FileNet P8 into the CMX system.

Custom Connector: A specific connector was created between FlowerDocs and CMX, facilitating efficient management of workflows through an intuitive interface while leveraging the powerful features of CMX for secure document management.

Enhanced Access and Security: The deployment facilitated easier access to mail and a secure document repository with automated archiving, significantly improving document accessibility and security.
Through the strategic implementation of ARender alongside CMX and FlowerDocs, AXA Group Operations successfully overcame significant challenges associated with managing a complex, multi-faceted information system across a global enterprise. The integration of these technologies not only streamlined document management processes but also enhanced collaborative efforts, ensuring secure, compliant, and efficient operations across its international entities. This customer story is a testament to how ARender can transform document accessibility and management in large-scale operations within the financial and insurance sectors.


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