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Customer Story: Modernizing a leading insurance provider

A leading insurance provider, operates across multiple major entities: Life (life insurance), Insurance (non-life insurance), and Insurance’s General Agents. The company embarked on a significant digital transformation to optimize content organization and enhance data retention across its interorganizational network. This initiative aimed to improve customer relationships through its insurance agents and streamline internal communications.



The company faced several challenges in its quest to enhance operational efficiency and customer service:

Massive Content Migration
The organisation needed to migrate over 70 million documents from IBM Image Services to Content Foundation, along with 15 million annotations from FileNet to the standard XFDF format.

Enhancing Communication and Data Sharing
The company required effective solutions to improve communication and data sharing across different services.

Network Bandwidth Constraints
Ensuring quick access to documents in agency networks with low bandwidth was crucial.


The insurance porvider addressed these challenges by implementing several key technologies and strategies:

Alfresco and ARender Integration
Alfresco for complete content lifecycle management and document control, integrating it with ARender to enhance document viewing and interaction capabilities.

Datacap for Data Capture and Dissemination
The company employed Datacap to capture and rapidly disseminate valuable data from enterprise documents, facilitating quick and accurate information retrieval.

Migration from IBM Image Services to Content Foundation
This migration involved transferring documents, metadata, and business rules, which was critical for maintaining continuity and integrity of data.

Utilization of Geometric Annotations
The power of geometric annotations to enrich document interactivity and utility, further enhancing the document management system.


The project yielded significant benefits: 

Efficient Content and Document Lifecycle Management: The integration of Alfresco and its connector with ARender provided robust management of document lifecycles, improving organization and accessibility.

Successful Content Migration: The transition from IBM Image Services to Content Foundation was executed successfully, ensuring that more than 70 million documents were accurately migrated without loss of data.

Improved Access in Low Bandwidth Areas: The deployment of optimized solutions enabled faster document access across the company’s network, even in regions with limited bandwidth, thus not compromising on the speed or quality of service delivery.
The strategic overhaul of its document management systems, with a significant role played by ARender, transformed its approach to handling insurance documents and data. This enhancement not only streamlined internal operations but also strengthened its capabilities in managing customer relations and agent interactions. The success story of this leading insurance provider and ARender highlights the transformative potential of integrated document management solutions in large-scale, data-intensive industries.

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