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Customer Story

Okantis serves as a pivotal technology partner for healthcare institutions, focusing on advancing their information systems. Through its flagship health portal, Dem@'TIC, Okantis provides crucial services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, enhancing their digital capabilities.



Okantis is dedicated to supporting healthcare organizations in the development of their information systems, promoting resource sharing, skills integration, and connecting with software publishers. The primary challenge was to streamline complex document management processes and enhance collaboration across various healthcare facilities.


To meet these challenges, Okantis implemented several strategic solutions:

Dem@'TIC Health Portal: Powered by technologies like Alfresco for document management and ARender for document viewing, this portal is central to Okantis' offering, facilitating seamless digital document workflows in healthcare settings.

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Document Digitization and Management: Leveraging Alfresco, Okantis enabled the digitization of healthcare documents, converting them into digital formats for easy management and access.

Advanced Viewing with ARender: ARender enhances the Dem@'TIC portal by providing quick document viewing capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to access and view files without significant delays. This feature is crucial for medical environments where time is often critical.

Comprehensive Collaboration Tools: The integration of ARender and Alfresco allows effective collaboration among healthcare teams. This setup ensures that documents can be easily shared, annotated, and reviewed by multiple users simultaneously, fostering a collaborative environment essential for healthcare providers. Backgrounds (17)-min

Deployment and Training

Rapid Deployment: The complete solution, with ARender as a key component, was deployed within just 10 business days, demonstrating the agility and efficiency of Okantis' implementation strategies.

User Training and Adoption: Post-deployment, extensive training was provided to ensure that all 14,000 users could effectively utilize the new system. This training ensured that the staff were proficient in using the new tools, maximizing the benefits of the digital solutions provided.



The implementation of ARender, along with Alfresco and Ephesoft for document dematerialization, has significantly transformed document management and collaboration for Okantis' healthcare clients:

  • Enhanced Document Management: Healthcare facilities experienced a more efficient management of documents, with the ability to quickly access and process patient records and other critical information.

  • Improved Collaboration: The solutions facilitated better collaboration around content, enabling healthcare professionals to work together more effectively, which is especially important in multidisciplinary healthcare settings.

  • Scalable and Flexible Solution: The platform offers scalable document management and visualization capabilities that can grow and adapt with the needs of healthcare institutions.



Okantis' successful deployment of ARender as part of their comprehensive healthcare information system solution exemplifies the transformative potential of integrating advanced document viewing and management technologies in the healthcare sector. This initiative not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the collaboration capabilities of healthcare providers, leading to better patient care outcomes and operational efficiencies. This customer story is a testament to how digital transformation, powered by ARender, can revolutionize industry-specific information systems.

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