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Customer Story

Le Conseil Départemental des Hauts-de-Seine (CD92), the second-largest departmental council in France, has been a pioneer in adopting electronic invoicing since 2017. As a local government institution, CD92 promotes the use of digital solutions to streamline administrative processes and enhance efficient invoice management.



CD92 faced several challenges in its journey to digital transformation:

Customer Journey Management
Managing the customer journey within various business entities in the department.
Paper Elimination
Eliminating paper to optimize document circulation and sharing across department entities.
Document Digitization
Fully digitizing incoming mail and its distribution and processing through business workflows.


To meet these challenges, CD92 implemented several key ARender solutions:

ARender Connector for Alfresco
This connector was used to optimize information access within the council's document management system.

Used for merging and creating new documents, facilitating the management and customization of documentation.

Employed for comparing two versions of a document, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of document revisions.

FlowerDocs Interface
Implemented as the "On Top" interface for Alfresco, providing users with a simple and ergonomic UI while continuing to utilize Alfresco as the document repository.


The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements in CD92's operations:

Enhanced Collaboration: There was a noticeable improvement in collaboration between services, making communication smoother and speeding up work processes.

Full Visibility: Users gained full visibility of the progress of cases, enhancing transparency and accountability within the department.

Streamlined Document Exchange: The exchange of documents between services became more fluid, particularly with the sharing of common documents concerning citizens.

Document Integrity and Data Confidentiality: Document tracking was enhanced, preserving the integrity of documents and the confidentiality of citizen data.

Quality of Service and Processing Time: The project significantly improved the quality of service and reduced the time taken to process citizen requests.


The integration of ARender technologies, together with Alfresco and FlowerDocs, revolutionized CD92's approach to document management and operational processes. This strategic adoption of digital tools has not only refined their operational framework but also significantly improved the services they deliver to their constituents, establishing a new standard for digital innovation in local governance. This case study highlights ARender's capacity to drive substantial digital transformation initiatives within government settings, enhancing both efficiency and the quality of public service.

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