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Customer Story

Merck is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, operating in over 100 countries. With a strong focus on research and development, Merck is committed to innovation and the discovery of new medications, providing cutting-edge health solutions to meet growing global needs.



Integration Needs
The solution needed to have a native connector that could integrate seamlessly with other software solutions used by the company.

ECM System Overhaul
There was a critical need to reorganize a disparate and outdated ECM (Enterprise Content Management) heritage to optimize costs and usage.

Document Access and Collaboration
Enhancing easy access to documents and improving collaboration were pivotal.

Information Security
Strengthening the protection of sensitive and confidential information was essential.


Merck adopted ARender to facilitate access to key documents managed within its main applications, Documentum FirstDoc and Documentum Webtop. ARender provided a fast and streamlined viewing experience for large documents, some over 1000 pages, addressing Merck’s needs effectively.

Key features implemented

  • Annotation Tools: ARender's annotation functionality improved documentary collaboration across all departments, allowing for comprehensive feedback and interactions within documents.
  • Data Protection: ARender ensured secure, controlled, and verifiable access to important documents and sensitive data, complying with strict regulations.


High User Adoption: The deployment achieved an instantly high adoption rate among users, with positive feedback across the enterprise.
ROI: Merck recorded a positive return on investment just 7 months after implementation.
Document Accessibility: Users were able to access any document format from any device, thanks to ARender’s file streaming capabilities, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.


The integration of ARender into Merck’s ECM system has revolutionized how the company manages and accesses documents, significantly boosting efficiency and security. With ARender, Merck has not only streamlined document-related operations but has also enhanced collaborative efforts across various departments, supporting its global leadership in pharmaceutical innovation.

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