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Customer Story: A Historical Global Leading US Banking Company

A longstanding client of IBM FileNet and Documentum, this historic US-based global banking leader faced significant challenges with its existing document viewing solutions provided by Brava and Deaja from IGC. With over 200,000 clients relying on their services, the bank recognized the need for a more effective system to handle their extensive document management needs.


Integration of Existing Systems
The bank planned to merge their IBM FileNet and Documentum systems into a more unified GED (Gestion Électronique de Documents) system but found the existing viewers inadequate for their business requirements.
Urgent Need for Solution Replacement
The situation required a swift solution as the existing system was becoming obstructive to daily operations.
Massive Data Migration
There was a need to migrate 12 million documents along with their metadata from IBM FileNet to Documentum.
Implementation of an Intuitive and Ergonomic Solution
The new system needed to be user-friendly and easy to deploy.


The Banking Company chose ARender to address these challenges, given its powerful document viewing and management capabilities.

ARender’s DocBuilder: This tool was implemented to offer a new document consultation process that allowed for greater manipulation flexibility of documents.

Quick and Effective Migration: ARender facilitated the rapid and successful migration of documents and metadata, demonstrating efficient planning and execution.

Enhanced Collaboration Features: With ARender, the bank benefited from advanced functionalities that improved collaboration across the organization.

Connectors for IBM FileNet and Documentum: ARender’s connectors were deployed to ensure fast and effective document visualization, making information consultation and access easier than ever.


The integration of ARender brought about several significant improvements:

Efficient Document Handling: The ability to quickly view documents and perform actions like annotations and splitting PDFs transformed the document management workflow.

Successful Data Transfer and Conversion: The migration was executed flawlessly, ensuring that all documents and critical data were transferred without any loss or critical errors.

Improved User Communication and Collaboration: ARender’s advanced features fostered better communication and collaboration among users, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Training and Implementation: ARender also provided solution implementation and training for the technical teams of both the integration partner and the end client, ensuring smooth adoption and optimal use of the new system.
The implementation of ARender at this historical US banking company marks a significant enhancement in how the bank manages and interacts with its vast document archives. By replacing inadequate systems with ARender’s robust document viewing and management tools, the bank now enjoys a more integrated, efficient, and collaborative document management environment. This transition not only solves the immediate challenges, but also positions the bank to better serve its clients and handle future growth seamlessly.


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