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Customer Story

DXC Technology, a prominent player in the IT services market, has made significant strides in the pharmaceutical sector with its FirstDoc clients, primarily top-tier companies. Recently, DXC has expanded its reach to include second and third-tier pharmaceutical companies, integrating advanced ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and viewer solutions to enhance their service offerings.



DXC faced the challenge of efficiently managing and viewing documents across its pharmaceutical clients, necessitating a reliable and quick document consultation solution that could handle the extensive documentation inherent in the pharmaceutical industry.


To address these needs, DXC integrated ARender as a core component of their new product, the Life Sciences Connected Platform (LS-CP). This solution leverages Alfresco Content Services Enterprise 6 to manage digital content effectively, ensuring centralized information storage and seamless collaboration.

  • Rapid Document Viewing: ARender provides instant viewing capabilities, allowing users to access document contents quickly without delays. This feature is crucial for reducing loading times and enhancing the user experience with smooth and responsive document interactions.

  • Efficient Content Management: With Alfresco Content Services, DXC can offer its clients a robust platform for digital content management, facilitating easy access to information and collaboration across organizational boundaries.



Since its launch in 2017, the Life Sciences Connected Platform featuring ARender has been successfully deployed and is now fully operational:

  • Strategic Expansion: The successful implementation and robust capabilities of the platform have enabled DXC to strategically pursue expansion into second and third-tier pharmaceutical companies.

  • Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration: The integration of ARender and Alfresco has significantly improved productivity and collaboration within DXC’s client companies, streamlining processes that were previously hampered by slower document access and inefficient content management systems.


The deployment of ARender within DXC Technology's Life Sciences Connected Platform exemplifies how powerful document viewing and management tools can transform operations for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. By providing fast access to documents and enhancing collaboration through efficient content management, ARender helps DXC not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients, paving the way for further expansion and success in the industry. This customer story underscores ARender’s capability to facilitate complex digital transformations and improve business processes across various sectors.

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