Streamline Loan Review Processes

Loan processing requires a careful balance of speed and compliance. ARender streamlines loan review processes by providing centralized access to information and enabling fast, secure collaboration from a single interface. 

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Accelerate Completeness Reviews

Ensuring the completeness of a loan application is a tedious process involving many content types and formats. 

ARender lets loan reviewers open over 300 file types from a single interface and easily add annotations for fast, informed approval decisions.

Decrease Response Times

Once a case is complete, the review process often requires several auditors, including external stakeholders, which can lead to longer response times when factoring in strict industry compliance regulations. 

ARender automates the review process, letting users share, access, annotate, and index all relevant information from a single interface.

Know Your Customer

Protecting sensitive customer data and meeting compliance and privacy regulations are critical when managing loan cases. 

ARender lets you quickly and securely exchange information with other auditors while securing PII at all times, with automated redaction features to ensure KYC compliance.  

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Add Value to Your ECM

Increase your ECM investment by accelerating the viewing and processing of content in your existing ECM or document management system. Easily and securely collaborate on documents from any business application and unify all content-related workflows into a single viewing solution—to effectively manage even the most complex financial workflows.


Built-in Features



Over 50+ File Formats

Convert client IDs, insurance forms, expert reports, and more.


Real-Time Collaboration

User markups appear in real-time while preserving the original file.


Built-in Security Features

Easily configure user permissions, redact PII, and enable audit trails.


Integrate With Existing Systems

Integrate directly with your existing ECM software and workflows.


Automate Workflows

Streamline contracts, compliance workflows, and third-party signatures.

Doc Builder

Manipulate Documents

Split packets of documents into separate parts for reuse later.

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