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Enterprise Content Management Viewer

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Transforming Content into Intelligence

ARender facilitates real-time and multi-user collaboration, fostering seamless teamwork by enabling users to interact, annotate, and edit documents simultaneously for enhanced productivity and collective decision-making. 

Bringing context to content

By powering content with contextual intelligence, not only organizations are able to store and view information, but to understand and leverage it strategically.

Empowering Decision Makers

Decision-makers equipped with ARender's intelligence capabilities can navigate complex information landscapes more effectively.

ARender Advanced Features

Give you all the freedom to efficently collaborate

What is ARender?

ARender is a high-performance, Enterprise Content Viewer designed to improve interactions with information within enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

It facilitates secure and efficient viewing, sharing, and collaboration on documents, enabling organizations to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and ensure data protection.

ECM Connectors

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ARender's Latest Version : Focus on Innovation!

ARender's Version Tracking and History feature offers a comprehensive solution by capturing the history of annotations, providing users with a transparent and accountable record of changes and additions.

Brand New User Interface

ARender meticulously records every annotation made within a document, creating a comprehensive timeline of changes. Users can trace the evolution of annotations from their creation to the latest modifications, gaining a holistic view of collaborative efforts


Innovation In Features

The version tracking feature visually represents changes on the document interface. Users can easily identify areas with annotations, understand the types of annotations applied, and discern when each annotation was made


Better Performances

Each annotation in the document history is accompanied by detailed timestamps and contributor information. Users can pinpoint exactly when an annotation was added or modified and identify the collaborators involved.

ARender in Numbers

15+ years of experience, helping companies simplifying their information management

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ARender System Integrators Program

ARender is an exemplary solution for system integrators looking to expand their solutions catalog with a flexible and powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) content viewing tool. Its adaptability, powerful features, and seamless integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for enhancing the value of their offerings and meeting diverse customer needs in document management.

Enteprise Viewing Solutions for your Industry

ECM Innovation: Audio Annotations

Break free from traditional text-based comments and embrace a more dynamic and engaging way to communicate within your documents. With Audio Annotations, users can seamlessly add spoken insights, feedback, or explanations directly to the document, fostering a richer and more immersive collaboration experience.

ARender SaaS

ARender as usual, without the hardware costs!

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