Redact sensitive information from customer data

Without strong controls and software solutions in place to safeguard sensitive data, companies run the risk of unintentionally exposing confidential information. Applications with document redaction capabilities are an important tool for helping to safeguard data privacy and ensure compliance.

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Why is secured PII important?

Corporate and customer content inevitably contains sensitive information. One of the biggest challenges with ECM solutions is effectively safeguarding that information and protecting customer data to comply with increasingly stringent compliance regulations. 

Providing customers with a solution that protects the integrity of their PII is essential to ensuring continuous compliance, building customer trust, and increasing productivity across all lines of business while saving time and money. 

Secure PII With ARender

ARender provides automated redaction to ensure any ECM solution remains compliant with personal data regulations. 

The solution offers flexible redaction to mask any sensitive information contained in corporate or customer content. Individual redactions can be made by simply selecting text to apply a redaction object, masking the text and removing it from the document for any unauthorized users.


What are the key features?

Advanced User Permissioning

Effective user’s rights management is critical to ensuring compliance and preventing unauthorized access to PII. ARender allows for centralized control of user’s rights, so that administrators can easily define and control which users can and cannot access protected content.

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Automated Redaction

ARender automatically redacts Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to transform how you manage and protect sensitive information. Gone are the days spent manually searching for content or data across thousands of documents in multiple repositories. ARender’s auto redact feature identifies the kind of information you want to protect upstream and masks any sensitive information in any content you’re processing, saving you huge amounts of time and protecting both yours and your customers’ data.

User-Friendly Software

ARender’s solution is easy-to-use and integrates with your existing applications, without the need for expensive third-party software. The solution is quick to deploy and requires no user training for guaranteed adoption, meaning you can save time and money to focus on your core business.


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