Access all of your content from a single interface

What’s the point of using a powerful enterprise content management (ECM) solution if you can’t easily access and work on the content you’re storing? 

ARender integrates with a range of Document Management, ERP, CRM, BPM and ECM systems to provide a single view on all business systems — eliminating document access barriers, allowing simple, secure sharing of information, and enabling fast internal and external collaboration.


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Single interface

Key Features

Centralized Access to Content from Anywhere

Most organizations use more than one IT solution to run their business, and most lines of business require access to content from several different solutions on a daily basis. ARender allows users to access content stored within a range of systems and applications from a single interface, from any device, for a true unified viewing experience.

Cohesive Workflows

When processing documents for validation, users may need to share content with people outside their respective business units, or external parties. Effectively and accurately configuring content workflows and collaboration processes with so many systems and software is a major challenge. 

ARender integrates with your existing systems and workflows, improving both speed and functionality. Put simply: we make it possible for you to unify your content-related workflows into a single viewing solution.

Work with Any File Type

Modern business requires many different applications and associated content. Opening each of these files often requires a dedicated application. ARender removes this headache by providing a web-based solution to instantly stream over 300 types of content.

Integrate with your Existing ECM Environment

ARender offers an easy-to-use solution that integrates with your existing applications without the need for expensive third-party software. The solution is quick to deploy and requires no user training.


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