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Enabling remote work technology is one challenge; figuring out the best way to collaborate on documents with colleagues, teams, or clients when working from home is another. 

ARender offers a unified viewer for people to search for, access, and visually comment and collaborate on any content, from any device.

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Single interface

Key Features

Secure Collaboration

Collaborating on content can be challenging, especially for complex or read-only formats such as engineering drawings, videos, and PDF files.

ARender provides a single view on all business and ECM systems — eliminating document access barriers, allowing simple, secure sharing of information, and enabling fast internal and external collaboration.

Centralized Access to Content

Most organizations use more than one IT solution to run their business, and most lines of business require access to content from several different solutions on a daily basis. ARender allows users to access content stored within a range of systems and applications from a single interface, from any device, for a truly unified viewing experience.

Single interface
Fast Document Display

When it comes to content access, the most critical performance metric is time: How quickly a user can access information. ARender uses streaming technology to display any content format in milliseconds — whatever the file size, using only a web browser. 

Most user needs focus on viewing, editing, and sharing documents — all available via ARender’s powerful web-based solution. 

Remote User Access Controls

With granular user permissions, tools such as redaction can be applied based on specific users, allowing greater control over who has access to what files. Designed for the remote worker, the technology enables fast, easy access to and visualization of documents, all while avoiding the dissemination of sensitive information.

Real-time annotations, comments, and editing offer users a central place and method to collaborate on documents, saving time, reducing stress, and making the entire work from home process much more intuitive.


User-Friendly Interface

ARender offers an easy-to-use solution that integrates with your existing applications without the need for expensive third-party software. The solution is quick to deploy and requires no user training. 


Complete Activity Tracking

ARender provides all the data you need to improve business productivity by closely tracking user activity. Detailed audit trails and activity records track any modifications to content, while graphical representations and fast-access visuals provide insights into how much time a user spends on certain types of document, or how fast your content is being displayed


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