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DocBuilder: Unlocking Enterprise Content

What is possible with DocBuilder?

DocBuilder provides a comprehensive suite of features that enhance document handling and management through its three main capacities. Each of these is designed to streamline workflows and improve the efficiency of managing documents in various professional environments.

Document Creation

DocBuilder's document creation capability allows users to easily create a new document by leveraging content from an existing one. Here’s how it works:


Select and drag
Users can select specific pages or sections from an existing document shown in the thumbnail menu.

ARender DocBuilder Illu-min
Create a new document
By dragging the selected content to a designated area or by using a contextual menu, users can create a new document. This method is intuitive and supports quick document generation, which is essential for tasks requiring rapid document customization and creation.
Document Modification

This feature is crucial for managing documents that contain multiple pages or sections, especially when updates or reorganization is needed. ARender allows for the rearrangement or deletion of pages within a file:


Re-arrange Pages
Users can change the order of pages within a document through simple drag-and-drop actions within the thumbnail menu. This is particularly useful for preparing presentations or reports where the flow of information may need adjustments.

Delete Pages
Pages can also be deleted directly from the thumbnail menu. This feature supports document condensation or removal of irrelevant material without the need for external editing tools.
Document Classification

Once a document is created or modified, it can be classified and integrated into an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system directly from ARender’s interface. This is accomplished via the thumbnail menu:


Document Indexation
When a document is ready for classification, users can select the appropriate classification from a drop-down list. This list can be customized to include various categories based on the organization's document management protocols.


Direct Integration with ECM
After selecting the desired classification, the document can be directly uploaded to an ECM. This seamless integration ensures that documents are stored correctly in the organizational repository and are accessible according to established permissions and security protocols.

DocBuilder: the perfect companion for Case Management Solutions

DocBuilder can be seamlessly integrated with existing case management systems. This integration ensures that users can access and manage documents directly within their usual workflow environment. By centralizing document access, DocBuilder reduces the time spent navigating between different platforms and increases efficiency in handling case-related information.


Indexing new documents into your ECM System

Once the new document is created, it can be classified and stored directly within an ECM system without leaving the ARender interface. This integration is key to maintaining efficient document workflows and ensuring that all documents are properly managed and retrievable.


From the thumbnail menu, users can access options to assign or edit metadata to the new document. Metadata can include details like document type, author, creation date, relevant tags, and other descriptors that help in categorizing and retrieving the document within the ECM system.

Multiple Documents 360° View

ARender enhances document identification by clearly labeling or tagging thumbnails with metadata or titles. This organization aids users in quickly finding specific documents based on their content or relevance to the case. Whether the documents are forms, written correspondence, reports, or any other type, they are easily searchable and accessible through the thumbnail menu.

Unified access to documents

ARender allows users to open a file or dossier that contains several documents. This unified access means that rather than opening documents one by one, users can efficiently browse through an entire case file, viewing all associated documents in one integrated interface.

This holistic view is essential for case management, where having complete information at hand is crucial for decision-making and process advancement.

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Why companies use DocBuilder?

Quicker Process

DocBuilder accelerates document processes, allowing users to create, modify, and manipulate content swiftly. Eliminate unnecessary delays, ensuring that document-related tasks are completed at a fraction of the time traditionally required.

Shorter Deadlines

With the efficiency gains offered by DocBuilder, organizations can meet deadlines more effectively. The tool's streamlined functionalities empower users to handle document assembly and modifications with ease, reducing turnaround times and supporting the timely completion of projects.

Easier Indexation

Simplify document organization and retrieval with DocBuilder's capabilities for easier indexation. The tool facilitates the creation of well-structured documents, making it easier to categorize, search, and retrieve information. This ensures that documents remain organized and accessible when needed.

Better Adherence

DocBuilder enhances adherence to document standards and organizational guidelines. Users can create and modify documents in a standardized manner, ensuring consistency across content. This adherence to established norms contributes to a more professional and cohesive document output.

Automating Options

DocBuilder doesn’t just streamline; it automates. The tool offers various automation options, allowing users to define rules and processes before documents are displayed. This upfront automation ensures that repetitive tasks are handled seamlessly, providing users with the freedom to focus on more strategic aspects of document management.

Reduced Errors

Automation inherent in DocBuilder significantly reduces the likelihood of errors. The tool minimizes manual intervention, decreasing the risk of typos, formatting inconsistencies, and other common mistakes associated with manual document creation. This results in higher accuracy and improved document quality.

DocBuilder, a must-have for major industries!

DocBuilder significantly enhances business processes within the Banking, Insurance & Life Sciences industries by streamlining document handling and management.


Loan Processing

DocBuilder facilitates the assembly and management of complex document sets required during loan and mortgage processing. Banking professionals can efficiently compile, rearrange, and customize loan application packets by selecting relevant documents from a larger pool. This not only speeds up the application process but also ensures accuracy and compliance with banking regulations.

Customer Information Management

In the banking sector, managing customer information securely and efficiently is crucial. DocBuilder allows bank staff to easily create, update, and maintain customer profiles by merging new documents into existing files or creating new segments as needed. This capability is especially useful for keeping up with the continuous updates and document additions typical in customer files.

Report Generation

DocBuilder can be used to generate periodic financial and operational reports. By pulling data from various documents and compiling it into a single, comprehensive report, banks can streamline their internal and external reporting processes. This not only saves time but also improves the accuracy and readability of the reports.



Claims Processing

DocBuilder is instrumental in claims processing, where managing and reviewing a multitude of documents efficiently is critical. Insurers can use DocBuilder to compile all relevant claim documents, such as forms, evidence of damage, and police reports, into a single file. This consolidation facilitates quicker review and decision-making, helping to accelerate the claims resolution process and improve customer satisfaction.

Policy Management

For policy issuance and updates, DocBuilder allows insurance staff to efficiently manage policy documents by merging new data or documents with existing policy files. This feature ensures that all policy information is current and easily accessible, thereby enhancing the management of policy renewals, modifications, and cancellations.

Customer Relationship Management

DocBuilder helps in managing comprehensive customer profiles by allowing the consolidation of all relevant customer interactions and documents into a single, accessible file. This centralized approach to document management improves service delivery and enables insurers to respond more quickly and effectively to customer inquiries and policy adjustments.

Life Sciences

Clinical Trials

DocBuilder facilitates the organization and management of extensive documentation associated with clinical trials, such as study protocols, consent forms, trial results, and regulatory submissions. It allows researchers and trial managers to efficiently compile, update, and manage these documents in a centralized location. This streamlining is crucial for maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines and for ensuring that trial documentation is current and accessible for audits.

Regulatory Submissions

In the Life Sciences industry, regulatory compliance is paramount, with companies frequently required to submit detailed documentation to regulatory bodies like the FDA or EMA. DocBuilder aids in compiling and organizing these submission packets, ensuring that all necessary documents are complete, up-to-date, and formatted according to regulatory standards. This capability reduces the risk of submission errors and helps speed up the approval process for new drugs or medical devices.

Quality Control Manufacturing

In the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, maintaining detailed production and quality control documentation is essential. DocBuilder allows quality assurance teams to compile, revise, and securely store manufacturing process documents and quality inspection reports. This centralized document management ensures consistent adherence to manufacturing standards and regulatory requirements.

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