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Protecting Sensitive Information with Redaction

Preserving confidential data

With our state-of-the-art redaction capabilities, you can easily conceal confidential data within your documents without sacrificing accessibility or integrity. Whether you're handling legal documents, financial reports, or personal data, ARender ensures that your information stays secure while remaining fully compliant with privacy regulations.

How does it work?

ARender's Redaction & Encryption features are robust tools designed to enhance the security and privacy of documents. It offers three levels of protection to cater to various confidentiality needs:

Text-Level Redaction

Users can highlight the text they wish to redact, and ARender will obscure the selected text, making it unreadable. This is particularly useful for hiding names, financial details, personal data, or any other information considered sensitive within a larger document.

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Zone Redaction

Users can draw a box or shape around the area they want to redact, which is especially useful for documents with structured layouts like forms or tables.


Redact with precision 

For handling documents that contain complex shapes, graphs, and detailed plans—elements often found in technical, engineering, or architectural documents.

Full Document Redaction

This approach is used when the entire document is sensitive and should not be disclosed to unauthorized viewers. It's an effective way to maintain confidentiality when sharing documents externally or within different departments that may not have clearance to view certain content.

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Automation with ARender Redaction

Define Redaction Rules With Precision

Take control of the redaction process by defining rules before documents are even displayed. Set parameters for specific information or targeted areas within the document

Search & Redact

A powerful tool designed to enhance privacy and data protection within documents. Streamline the process of identifying and redacting sensitive information, significantly saving time and effort for users.

Efficient Redaction Process

By entering a specific term, ARender automatically identifies and redacts this term throughout the document.

Comprehensive Search Options

ARender's search functionality is robust, offering various options to refine the search process. Users can utilize case-sensitive searches to differentiate between terms based on their capitalization, ensuring more precise redaction. Additionally, accent sensitivity helps in identifying terms with diacritical marks, crucial for languages where accents can change the meaning of words.

More automating possibilities...

User-friendly Configuration

Configure ARender Rendition Engine with ease, adapting it to your organization's specific requirements. The user-friendly interface and customizable settings empower users to tailor the automation process according to their unique needs

Upfront Redaction In Document Processing

ARender Rendition Engine allows for upfront redaction, meaning that sensitive information can be automatically redacted during the initial stages of the document processing pipeline

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Integrating role-based access rights

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Determine who can view, edit, or redact specific content within documents. Access to sensitive information is restricted based on user roles defined within an organization.

Management of Redaction Rules

ARender allows administrators to set and manage redaction rules centrally. These rules determine how information is redacted based on content type, context, or predefined criteria.

Audit Trails

To further bolster security, ARender maintains comprehensive audit trails for all redaction actions. This includes tracking who redacted what information and when.

Cloud Ready Content Encryption

Data security is non-negotiable, ARender takes a leap forward with its cutting-edge cloud-ready encryption features. This new era of data protection is made possible through a strategic technological partnership with Confidencial, a pioneering company dedicated to securing sensitive information within and beyond organizational borders

Zero-Trust And Enterprise Key Security

Embrace a Zero-Trust approach where ARneder ensures maximum security by not having access to your enterprise keys

Full Document Encryption & Selective Encryption

Safeguard entire documents or selectively encrypt specific sections, providing unparalleled control over data protection

Dynamic Content Encryption Within PDFs

Conduct intelligent searches for specific content within a PDF document and automatically encrypt these occurrences, enhancing document security

Compliance & Regulations Standards

In an era of heightened data protection and regulatory scrutiny, ARender's Redaction Feature emerges as a stalwart guardian of compliance, seamlessly aligning with various regulations to safeguard sensitive information

Integration of Redaction Codes Catalogs

Navigate the intricacies of government regulations effortlessly with ARender's Redaction Codes, specifically designed to adhere to standards such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These codes serve as a transparent guide, providing clear reasons for redaction. Categorize withheld information with precision, ensuring compliance with governmental requirement.

Effortless Adherence To Data Privacy

GDPR, CCPA, and similar data privacy regulations demand meticulous attention to detail. ARender's redaction solution facilitates effortless adherence to these standards, allowing organizations to navigate complex data privacy landscapes with confidence.

Transparent And Traceable Compliance

ARender doesn't just enable compliance; it ensures transparency and traceability in every redaction made. Detailed audit trails and activity records provide a comprehensive overview of all modifications or annotations, reinforcing accountability.

Redaction Feature Use Cases

Redaction can be used across various sensitive operations in the Banking, Insurance, and Life Sciences industries. In each of these industries, ARender’s Redaction Feature plays a crucial role in enhancing document security, protecting sensitive information, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Customer Information Management

Redacting personal information in customer-related documents to ensure privacy and comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Loan Processing

Concealing sensitive information in loan documents and agreements before they are shared internally or with third parties.

Fraud Investigation

Redacting non-relevant personal information from documents used during fraud investigations to protect customer privacy.

Audit and Compliance Reports

Securing financial data and customer information in audit trails and compliance reports.



Claims Processing

Redacting sensitive personal and medical information from claims documents before they are shared for processing or audit.

Policy Administration

Concealing details in policy documents, such as personal identifiers or financial information, when sharing with third parties or other departments.

Legal Documentation

Redacting confidential information in legal documents related to disputes, settlements, or claims to protect client confidentiality.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring documents meet privacy standards required by laws like HIPAA, which governs the privacy of health information, often relevant for health insurance.

Life Sciences

Clinical Research

Redacting patient identifiers in clinical trial documents before publication or sharing with external researchers to comply with HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Regulatory Submissions

Concealing confidential data in documents submitted to regulatory bodies like the FDA or EMA.

Patient Records Management

Securing patient data in medical records, research reports, and other sensitive documents to protect privacy and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Intellectual Property Protection

Redacting sensitive information in documents pertaining to new drug research, proprietary processes, or partnerships before sharing with stakeholders.

Redaction, protecting your enterprise content

Protection of sensitive information

ARender's Redaction Feature is a robust guardian of sensitive information within documents. By allowing users to selectively hide or obscure specific sections, it ensures that confidential data remains confidential. This capability is paramount in industries where the protection of personal, financial, or classified information is non-negotiable.                                                                                                                      

Secure and controlled access to content

ARender's Redaction Feature goes beyond mere protection by offering granular access control. Organizations can control which users have access to redacted content, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized viewing. Detailed audit trails and activity records provide transparency, tracking any modifications or annotations made to the redacted content. This ensures accountability and supports a controlled access environment.

Compliance adherence

A major benefit of ARender's Redaction Feature lies in its ability to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. By providing redaction codes, such as those required by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the tool enables organizations to transparently categorize the reasons for redaction. This not only aligns with government regulations but also facilitates a clear and documented process for withholding information.

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