Streamline Insurance Claims Processing 

Financial services firms need more than a basic enterprise content management solution to deliver high-quality services for customers. ARender enables insurance organizations to streamline key review processes and transform documents, forms, and portfolio information into actionable data—all while enforcing security controls.

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Transform Insurance Claims Processing

View and work on over 300 file types — all without needing any software applications installed on your mobile or desktop. Transform documents, forms, and portfolio information into actionable data for faster response times and accurate, informed reviews.

Accelerate Completeness Reviews

Documents submitted may have issues with readability, missing information, or other errors, and insurers must be able to quickly access, read, and flag documents to streamline reviews and client exchanges.

ARender lets lenders open any file type from a single interface and easily add annotations for fast, informed approval decisions.

Simplify Contract Underwriting

Underwriting insurance policies can take weeks with traditional, manual-driven processes, and lengthy exchange cycles can push digital consumers out the door. 

ARender helps accelerate risk assessment for new insurance contracts while meeting strict compliance and security norms with fast, federated access to any content in any format.

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Achieve Ongoing Compliance

Insurance companies must be able to justify all decisions made when processing claims. To do so, all actions and their triggers must be contained in detailed and compliant audit trails.

ARender provides multiple levels of security and compliance, including complete audit trails and automated redaction, without modifying the underlying file.

Security On-amico

Built-in Features



Over 50+ File Formats

Convert claimant IDs, insurance forms, witness & expert reports, and more.


Real-Time Collaboration

User markups appear in real-time while preserving the original file.


Built-in Security Features

Easily configure user permissions, redact PII, and enable audit trails.


Integrate With Existing Systems

Integrate directly with your existing ECM software and workflows.


Automate Workflows

Streamline contracts, claims, and compliance workflows with third-party stakeholders.

Doc Builder

Manipulate Documents

Split packets of documents into separate parts for reuse later.

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