All types of organizations face the challenge of protecting customer data and ensuring regulatory compliance when working with confidential customer or corporate information. 

ARender’s redaction feature guarantees the protection of personal and confidential information to help simplify compliance processes.


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Automated Redaction of Any Format

ARender’s Search & Redact enhancement allows for automatic redaction of customer or corporate PII in any type of content you’re processing, from any system. Users can quickly and easily secure sensitive documents by applying custom redactions to any document or file, including PDF, CAD, Video, Audio, MS Office, Emails, 300+ image formats, and more.

Ensure Content Integrity

When dealing with sensitive corporate information such as financial data, legal data, or contracts, ensuring the validity and accuracy of that data is critical. ARender ensures that the underlying document is preserved in its original state, so the integrity of that data is maintained at all times.

Comply with Corporate Regulations

Meeting strict compliance guidelines and regulations like GDPR and CCPA can require hefty IT overhead. ARender’s redaction solution lets you adhere to the permission scheme defined within the repository, for integrated control over regulatory standards.

Advanced User Permissions and Traceability

Control which users can and cannot access content to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access. Detailed audit trails and user activity records track any modifications or annotations of content.

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