Collaborating on content can be challenging with complex or read-only formats such as engineering drawings, videos and PDF files. ARender offers a unified viewer to search for, access and visually annotate any content. View, update, comment on, and securely share content without time and bandwidth consuming downloads.

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Advanced Annotation Tools

ARender provides a wide range of tools to help manipulate content and improve collaboration. Annotation tools including text, shape, stamps, and sticky notes help you streamline collaboration both internally and with customers, and accelerate document processing. Easily highlight text, update content, or leave comments on any file type, including video or audio files.

advanced annotation
Secure Transformation of Content

Transforming corporate content has traditionally required specialist skills and tools. ARender delivers an array of intuitive tools to allow everyone to control their content. Customized dashboards can be created for users or teams to enhance productivity and allow people to make decisions, fast.

No User Training Required

Training your employees on yet another new system can be time-consuming, only to be met with resistance or weak adoption rates. ARender lets you view and access content through a single, user-friendly interface, allowing users to collaborate on content from any system—no training required.


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