French national banking group digitizes paper-based processes to promote growth

ARender helped the second-largest banking group in France — providing banking services to individuals, professionals, companies, investors and local government bodies — optimize its digital transformation.

French Joint Commission for Collective Training


What the company needed

This company wanted to digitize all of its paper-based content to remain competitive and maintain a consistent level of growth. They needed to migrate smoothly from paper-based invoicing to flawless electronic invoicing. Reducing paper costs was the main challenge for this organization. Substantial amounts of money were spent on printing, sending, and processing documents manually. Moreover, the company’s carbon footprint was far too big and had become a major concern.

Several different requirements emerged in relation to implementing a document management solution once the company had decided to migrate from paper to electronic documents. One such requirement was to standardize the invoicing lifecycle in the simplest way possible and to also make it easy to monitor. This was needed because the company’s employees were not familiar with Document Management Solutions. We therefore stepped in to support employees with their daily tasks. Fast display speeds for all the content employees review and validate on a daily basis was another major requirement. They also needed several manipulation tools for annotations, splitting and merging documents, comparing documents, etc.

What the institution needed


ARender comes into play

For this project, ARender partnered with one of the most successful and reliable ECM solutions on the market: Alfresco. ARender and Alfresco are technology partners and work together to ensure that ARender integrates seamlessly with Alfresco products. Users adopted ARender to accelerate their processes as soon as it had been integrated into Alfresco and all the necessary content had been migrated. Unprecedented document loading and display times were vital for a fast invoicing process. The resulting time and bandwidth savings allowed the company to reorganize their teams and expedite their document processes.

ARender’s advanced features provided answers to nearly all of their process issues. Users can now annotate content from their ECM solution’s interface and collaborate more effectively. The company is making full use of ARender’s Document Builder and Document Compare to give users all the freedom they need when manipulating content.

ARender comes into play


End result

This company was one of ARender’s first SaaS customers and they’ve been using ARender now for more than 4 years. User adoption was very quick and positive. Year after year, ARender has proved extremely helpful for the company in terms of both collaboration and cost-effectiveness.

End result

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