A major European insurance institution provides 10,000 users with ARender

This major European insurance institution with 71,000 employees worldwide, serving 55 million customers in 50 countries, is one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services groups. To improve the services it offers, the company must maintain its extremely high standards of internal operations. More fluid processes for employees’ work increases profitability and leads to better response times in the services provided to customers.

A leading international insurance company


What the company needed

The company’s technical teams have developed and implemented solutions for sharing content between the various areas of the organization. This naturally generated enormous demand for both viewing and manipulating documents. Users are required to review a large number of documents to validate and index them in the correct repository.

Users had to previously download content directly to their client workstation to open the documents in their native applications. Given the diversity of document formats and sizes, this solution was expensive and difficult to maintain, particularly when considering the large number of user groups defined by this major European insurance institution.

What’s more, this solution was found to have shortcomings in terms of both collaboration and communication between users, which in turn caused a drag on processes.

The company’s priority was therefore finding a solution that would grant easy access to information and provide the necessary collaboration tools for effective information sharing.

What the institution needed


ARender comes into play

Using ARender means there’s no need to download documents to the client workstation, which also means you don’t have to download any native applications to open them. The streaming technology we use and the robustness of our product make it possible to access any document from any device. We’ve also developed a rendition engine that overcomes all format limitations.

The company expressed a need for document manipulation as well. In response, our technical teams developed a customized indexing tool that communicates directly with their document repository. Users can now classify their documents in the appropriate folders from ARender’s interface.

ARender comes into play


Project roll-out

Our teams ran a Proof of Concept project over 5 days to implement ARender in the company’s existing DMS solution. This provided the company enough time to evaluate our solution and compare it with other Content Viewing solutions. Once the POC was validated, ARender’s Professional Services team assisted the company for 6 months, working to optimize product integration and facilitate user adoption.

The company has updated its systems based on ARender’s reporting features which now allow it to track all user activity on documents. This includes display time, the amount of time users spend working on a document, etc. This helps the organization identify and analyze any problems in a given a line of business and reach decisions to improve productivity.

We are immensely proud to count this company as one of our top customers since 2011. Collaborating with them to develop better ways of working is what motivates our teams on a daily basis.

End result

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