Leading international insurance company centralizes access to information for more than 20,000 users across more than 4,000 branches

This leading international insurance company has become a globally recognized brand present in 64 countries around the world, serving nearly 107 million customers. This journey was made possible thanks to the incredible commitment of its employees who all share the same ambition: to make your life better by protecting you from the potential hazards and uncertainties life throws at us. The company’s core business is to protect your assets, but they also help protect your health and financial assets. That’s why they’ve built a diverse range of products and services shaped by customer needs and expectations.

A leading international insurance company


What the company needed

This leading international insurance company operates through a network of more than 4,000 agencies throughout France. The company uses several document solutions, including FileNet P8 and IBM IS but the diversity of environments and document formats makes it difficult to access content. What’s more, performance problems increased bandwidth-related costs and the client had to download a lot of content in order to view it.

They, therefore, needed to centralize their tools and access to information, in particular. Collaboration needs also emerged — being able to communicate directly on content was essential. Finally, document manipulation was required to better distribute incoming flows in the document solutions.

What the institution needed


ARender comes into play

Our teams got to grips with the environment very quickly thanks to their expertise in IBM solutions. ARender was rolled out for more than 20,000 internal and external users. The DocBuilder feature was used to cut and merge documents for optimal redistribution within the DMS. ARender’s performance enabled this company to secure its business, which involves opening more than 300,000 documents every day.

Arondor also provided a solution to migrate annotations from the old viewing method to the new one. Fast2 (our migration ETL) ensured the transition was both quick and traceable.

ARender comes into play


Final Outcome

The company’s environments have been homogenized and ARender is their central viewing solution. Collaboration features have helped accelerate processes by more than 40% and user adherence is high. ARender led to such an improvement in communication that the Group also extended it to other lines of their business.

End result

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