If you want to know more about how ARender works and what you can do with it, you’re in the right place. ARender was created with a simple idea in mind: how can we make work easier when environments are so varied and accessing information is next to impossible?

Until now, the most common response was to download content to client workstations so that the user could access the information. This is certainly one solution but it requires a lot of resources in terms of both technology and workforce, e.g. users have to install all the native applications required to read the different document formats (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.). Imagine how much bandwidth is used up and how slow the processes are.

We soon realized that centralized access to information was essential. We also recognized that we needed to free the user from their dependence on the workstation. Our goal was to provide a fully web-based, fast and secure way to access information through Document Management Platforms.

Find out how we solved all of these problems by trying ARender out for yourself! From the very first test runs all the way up to today, we’ve been continuously developing the product for more than 10 years to cater for exactly what the market needs


All you need is ARender!

ARender’s feature set solves all the major problems associated with Content Viewing inside ECM Solutions


100% Web-based

100% Web-based

ARender is an entirely web-based solution that integrates seamlessly with your system because it was created using languages supported by the vast majority of web browsers. Functioning as a web application also ensures the mobility that many businesses need when granting access to users anywhere at any time. It’s also perfect for varied environments and makes updating much quicker.



ARender displays content using streaming-centric technology. Instead of fetching all of the content at once and consuming lots of bandwidth, we only fetch parts of it. If we take a PDF document, for example, ARender doesn’t download the entire document, only the pages the user wants to see. But what’s so great about that? Well, this leads to amazingly fast display speeds and incredibly low bandwidth usage.



At the heart of ARender lies a powerful Rendition Engine that transforms and converts content to PDF/MP3/MP4. We’ve spent more than 10 years optimizing the interaction between the ARender Web Application and the Rendition Engine. It’s designed to work seamlessly with any ECM Solution regardless of whether it’s a ECM, ERP, CRM or BPM application. It demonstrates ARender’s capabilities and can match all of your performance expectations.



ARender provides all the data you need to improve business productivity and allows you to track all user activity. Want to know how much time a user spends on a certain type of document or how fast your content is being displayed? You can! We’ve also added graphic representations of these logs so you can analyze them quicker and draw conclusions based on activity.


Content Redaction

Content Redaction

One of the biggest concerns with ECM Solutions is protecting customer data and ensuring regulatory compliance. So many different businesses face this exact challenge when working on customer content. It’s a matter of integrity and security: you need to provide a solution that ensures both personal and confidential information is protected. Privacy is at the heart of Enterprise Content and must be respected by anyone processing it.

Doc Builder

Doc Builder

The days of being stuck on PDF documents are over. We provide all the freedom users need to enjoy faster document processes. Want to split a 15-page PDF document into four new documents to be distributed in new folders? No problem! And this is just one example of how this feature is changing the way users work.

Doc Compare

Doc Compare

This cross-industry feature is the most efficient content comparison tool ever. Users can quickly compare two versions of a document regardless of their format. But why stop there? We expanded this feature further by giving you the ability to navigate a document based on changes. If you need to compare two versions of a dense legal document to complete your Workflow, for example, Doc Compare is the feature you need.



The idea’s simple: improve content manipulation and collaboration. ARender provides a wide range of annotating tools to help you do just this — all based on the needs of our customers and designed to speed up document processing. Perfect for users looking to streamline processes and save time on non-productive tasks. Our commitment is focusing on what you need to improve your day-to-day work.

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Supported formats

Word processing formats


Microsoft Word Document


Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document


Microsoft Word Template


Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Template


Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document


Microsoft Word 97-2003 Template


Rich Text Document


OpenDocument Text


OpenDocument Text Template

Spreadsheet formats


Microsoft Excel Worksheet


Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet


Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet


Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template


Microsoft Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet


Comma Separated Values File


OpenDocument Spreadsheet


OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template

Presentation formats


Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation


Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation


Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show


OpenDocument Presentation


OpenDocument Presentation Template

Portable formats


Portable Document Format


IBM advanced Function Presentation Format

Diagram formats


Microsoft Visio Drawing

Email formats


Microsoft Outlook E-mail Message


E-mail Message

Markup formats

html html

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

Text formats


Plain Text Document

Cad formats


AutoCAD Drawing (R13 to 2018)


AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (R12 to 2018)

Scanner image formats

tiff tif

Tagged Image File Format


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)

mda ica mmr mca

Mixed Object:Document Content Architecture (MO:DCA)

Raster image formats


Portable Network Graphics (PNG)


Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)


WebP Image


Bitmap Picture (BMP)

jpg jpeg jpe jfif

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

jp2 jpf jpx j2k j2c jpc

JPEG 2000 (JP2)

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